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Group Leader

郑宜君 Yijun Zheng,助理教授、研究员  Assistant Professor, PI
通讯地址 Office Address:上海市浦东新区华夏中路393号正规的买球平台3号楼
电子邮件 Email:zhengyj@shanghaitech.edu.cn

Assistant Professor at Shanghai Technology University, China
Postdoc at INM-Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Germany
Postdoc at MPI for Polymer Research, Germany
Ph.D. at Peking University (Sept. 2006-Jul. 2011), China
Visiting student at University of South Carolina (Jan. 2010-Jun. 2010), USA
Bachelor at Beijing Normal University (Sept. 2002-Jul. 2006), China


Research Interest

Our research focus on developing advanced dynamic biomaterials mimicking extracellular matrix to understand how cells interact with their environment and to gain insight into the manipulating mechanism of cell functions. 

In the current stage, we are particularly interested in two topics: 

(1) User-programmable biomaterials for dynamic cell culture platforms

We develop new classes of user-programmable hydrogels with special emphasis on the use of multiple photochemical reactions that govern 4D material responsiveness, physicochemical tunability, and biophysical alterations, in an orthogonal manner.

(2) Molecular tools for cellular mechanosensing.

One of the central challenges in cellular mechanotransduction is the understanding of the molecular mechanisms that enable cells to modulate their mechanical responses and to sense and actively direct the biophysical properties of the ECM. To elucidate these fundamental mechanisms, cellular mechanotransduction should be studied at molecular levels. We develop molecular tools that can apply or detect forces at individual receptors within readily formed cell-ECM or cell-cell contacts.

Welcome undergrads and graduate students with different backgrounds to join the group.  We are recruiting one RESEARCH SCIENTIST and one POSTDOC (with organic chemistry, polymer chemistry or biomaterials background). Feel free to contact the PI.


Select Publications

# Equal contribution,* Corresponding author

1. L. Xue; X. Xiong; B. P. Krishnan; F. Puza; S. Wang; Y. Zheng*; J. Cui*, 'Light-regulated growth from dynamic swollen substrates', Nat. Commun.,2020 ,11 : 963-972. 

2. L. Han# ; Y. Zheng#; H. Luo#; J. Feng; R. Engstler; L. Xue; G. Jing*; X. Deng*; A. del Campo; J. Cui*,   'Macroscopic , self-evolution of dynamic hydrogels to create hollow interiors',  Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019,59, 5611-5615.

Before joining ShanghaiTech:

1. Y. Zheng*, M. Han, Q. Jiang, J. Feng, Bin. Li, A. del Campo, “4D hydrogels for dynamic cell culture with orthogonal, wavelength-regulated stiffening and cell adhesiveness”, Mater. Horiz., 2019, 20 DOI: 10.1039/C9MH00665F.

2. Y. Zheng, A. Farrukh, A. del Campo “Optoregulated Biointerfaces to Trigger Cellular Responses”, Langmuir, 2018, Online, DOI:10.1021/acs.langmuir.1028b02634

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4. Y. Zheng, X. Liu, J. Xu, H. Zhao, X. Hou, J. Cui “Thermo-responsive mobile interfaces with switchable wettability, optical properties, and penetrability”, ACS Appl. Mat. Interfaces, 2017, 9, 35483-35491.

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11. Y. Zheng, J. Zheng, L. Dou, W. Qiao, X. Wan, “Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel kind of Near-infrared Electrochromic Polymers Containing an Anthraquinone Imide Group and Ionic Moieties”, J. Mater. Chem., 2009, 19, 8470-8477.


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